Universal Natural Product Resource

UNaProd 1.2 is a systematic collection of information concerning natural products used in Iranian traditional medicine (ITM). To generate this database, one of the most authentic resources in this school of medicine, Makhzan-al-Advieh, has been used. Compiled by Mohammad Hossein Aghili Khorasani (Shirazi) in 1769 A.D., this encyclopedia of materia medica is a semi-structural resource in Persian language. UnaProd was created using both text mining and manual editing methods and is currently host to 3411 monographs in 16 attributes of remarks, identity, Mizaj, actions and medicinal uses, adverse effects, refinement, substitute, dosage, pronunciation, synonyms, origin, common name, and scientific name. This database has been linked to CMAUP database for molecular features, and to IrGO (Iranian traditional medicine General Ontology) for Mizaj.

The Mizaj type and degree of UnaProd monographs have been demonstrated in the scatter plot above. Origins including herbal, animal, mineral, compound and other have also been displayed in the plot in different colors. The two perpendicular lines in the plot indicate balance in either axis. The active quality is in a range from coldness in maximum fourth degree to hotness in maximum fourth degree, while passive quality ranges from dryness in maximum fourth degree to wetness in maximum fourth degree. There are a number of instances where Aghili has only described the Mizaj type but not the degree. To demonstrate these monographs in the scatter plot, two DNS (degree not specified) factors have been added to each axis.

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