Frequency of Main ITM Mizaj Types in UnaProd Database

There are a total of 3413 tuples in UnaProd database with primary fields which are extracted from the text of Makhzan al-Advieh, and secondary fields including pronunciation, origin, scientific names, mizaj type and degree which are extracted from the remarks, identity field, SCiResources and IrGo respectively. The numer of full and empty rows for each field is demonstrated in the table below.

Full Entries Empty Entries
DrugName 3413 0
Pronunciation 2578 835
Identity 2581 832
Origin 3407 6
Mizaj 2044 1369
Actions&MedicinalUses 2610 803
Substitute 459 2954
Refinement 912 2501
AdverseEffect 1114 2299
Dosage 712 2701
SciName1 646 2767
SciName2 376 3037

Frequency of Main ITM Mizaj Types in UnaProd Database

There are ten main Mizaj types in ITM, the frequency which is demonstrated in the following plot. The most common Mizaj type for medicinal substances of Makhzan al-Advieh is the hot-dry Mizaj constituting 55.7% of the monographs with a determined Mizaj, followed by cold-dry (16.5%), hot-wet (8.1%), cold-wet (5.4%), balanced (4.8%), hot (3.6%), Morakkab al-Ghovaa - a Mizaj ascribed to drugs that can exhibit more than two qualities - (2.3%), dry (1.6%), cold (1.6%), and finally wet (0.4%) Mizaj types.

Frequency of Monograph Origins in UnaProd Database

Asis evident in the plot below, herbs constitute the majority of monographs, followed by medicinal substances with animal and mineral origin that comprise approximately 17% and 14% of the database respectively. Approximately 0.4% (6 drugs) have origins other than those mentioned above.

Mizaj Types in UnaProd Monographs Based on Origin

The share of the three main origins, namely herbal, animal, or mineral in the ten main Mizaj types have been illustrated in the plot below.

Frequency of Mizaj Degrees Based on Active ~ Passive Qualities

The frequency of quality degrees for monographs with Mizaj types which have both qualities specified, i.e. hot-wet, hot-dry, cold-wet, and cold-dry; balanced; and Morakkab al-Ghovaa Mizaj types are depicted in the following plots.

Active ~ Pasive Quality in Hot_Dry Monograph
Active ~ Pasive Quality in Cold_Dry Monograph
Active ~ Pasive Quality in Hot_Wet Monograph
Active ~ Pasive Quality in Cold_Wet Monograph

Frequency of Extracted Scientific Names Based on Origin

A total of 851 monographs in UnaProd possess scientific names from one or both resources (SciResource1 and SciResource2). The following plot provides information on the number of scientific names extracted for each origin. As demonstrated, 621 herbs, 181 drugs with animal origins, and 49 minerals have scientific names.